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Women suffer hair loss for a variety of reasons including hormone changes, stress and genetic Alopecia.  The big difference between men and women losing hair is woman are usually taken completely by surprise when it happens.  Men usually know and accept that some hair loss will happen eventually but it is still not widely known that women have to deal with some form of hair loss quite often.  On average, women will lose some hair in the front edges, and have thinning in the center top of the head and a small area of the crown as they get older.  Its not something that is talked about and this is why women are usually taken by surprise.  SMP can easily fill in these sections that are thinning and by blending the dots into the hair, most of the scalp will now look full again.


    Occasionally women can suffer from extreme hair loss with Alopecia and that has drastic results.  They can lose hair on the sides, the back or in some cases 80% of the entire head.  These situations are absolutely devastating emotionally and many women have to resort to wearing wigs at that point.  While its very common for a man to have his head shaved, a woman usually wouldn't consider doing something so drastic.  For those women that are brave enough to do it, SMP offers a solution to give them they're confidence back.  Its not for everyone, but It can still look feminine and beautiful for those that embrace the look.   

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